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Wellbeing Lifestyle

Wellbeing is more than physical wellness.  We draw inspiration from the Gallup Wellbeing Index, which tracks the value of life purpose, supportive relationships, financial security, and community connection in addition to health and vitality.


It is very important to have a balanced and healthy diet. We offer access to nutritional advice and food preparation tips so that you can cook yourself to a healthy life!


With a healthy diet comes exercise. We partner with gyms and trainers to ensure that you are getting the best training for your body and personal situation.

Balancing Body, Mind, & Spirit

In addition to physical fitness and health, it is also important to balance your mind. Whether through yoga and meditation classes or other paths, we connect you with resources that can melt stress and balance your life.

Supportive Relationships and Community Connection

We offer courses and connections to programs and services that help you improve connections to important people in your life and to your community at large.

Financial Security

Wellbeing is built on a secure foundation. Financial security is a key element of that foundation, along with your healthy body, supportive relationships, and purposeful contribution to the community. California Wellbeing is developing programs and affiliate relationships to support individuals and groups in their pursuit of Financial Security.