CHLI CalWell Partnership

CHLI / California Wellbeing Partnership

California Health & Longevity Institute®, Inc. (CHLI®) and California Wellbeing Institute® LLC (CalWell®) are affiliated/sister companies that work together on shared goals, and separately on independent projects.  The two companies are independent entities, with minor cross-ownership.  CalWell has a long-term, exclusive licensing agreement to represent CHLI in Asia, and is focused on globally expanding the CHLI and California Wellbeing brands through franchising and licensing.

CHLI-branded wellness centers are defined by five pillars including evidence-based preventive medicine, nutrition, fitness, life balance, and therapeutic spa. A CHLI wellness center is controlled and operated by a property owner, a hotel management company, or other licensee.  CHLI and CalWell provide the licensee with detailed start-up and operational planning assistance, brand standards, staff training, IP and systems, international marketing, and linkages with other CHLI centers and services.  Standards are strictly enforced on an ongoing basis with direct involvement from the founders and medical directors at CHLI in California.  

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